Access Software

EarthInfo's access software is quick and easy to use. Data retrieval can be accomplished in a matter of seconds utilizing simple database commands including Step, Filter, Find, Query, View, Join, Sort, Save, and Export.

Step advances to the selected category in the database.

Filter creates a subset of records that meet specified conditions.

Find locates and marks the records that meet specified conditions.

Query extracts the records that meet specified conditions.

View displays pertinent station header information.

Join combines records from separate data sets.

Sort arranges the records in ascending or descending order.

Save stores the current set of records for future retrieval.

Export sends the data to an output file in the selected format.

EarthInfo's access software provides fixed and flexible export options in popular formats including ASCII, Binary, and dBASE.

The EarthInfo exports can be read directly into spreadsheet programs, environmental models, and GIS packages.

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