EPA STORET contains over 200 million water quality analyses taken at over 800,000 sampling sites throughout the United States. The data categories are State, County, Agency, HUC, Parameter, Station, Descriptive Paragraph, Sample, and Analysis.

Data Source
Period of Record
Number of Stations
Data Elements

Environmental Protection Agency
1900 - 1998
15,858 chemical, physical, and biological
water quality parameters

EPA STORET is published on 24 regional CDs:
Region  1:1  CT MA ME NH RI VT
Region 2:1 NY Region 2:2 NJ PR VI
Region 3:1 DE MD PA Region 3:2 DC VA WV
Region 4:1 FL (North) Region 4:2 NC SC Region 4:3 AL GA Region 4:4 KY MS TN Region 4:5 FL (South)
Region 5:1 IL Region 5:2 OH Region 5:3 IN MI Region 5:4 MN WI
Region  6:1  NM OK TX
Region  6:2  AR LA
Region 7:1 IA KS MO NE
Region 8:1 CO UT WY Region 8:2 MT ND SD
Region 9:1 CA (North) Region 9:2 CA (South) Region 9:3 AZ HI NV PI
Region 10:1 AK WA Region 10:2 ID OR
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